Knoxville, Tennessee

Head Coach Jack Sompayrac

Columbia, South Carolina

Head Coach Perry Orth

CEO & Founder of QB1 Athletics

Former Starting Quarterback at the University of South Carolina

Private Training Memberships

➣ Individual attention to detail on mechanic

➣ Personalized drill-work that pertains to game-like scenarios from experience

➣ Evaluate strengths and weaknesses in their QB play and work on specific techniques to improve quicker

➣ Simulate timing of throwing routes against specific coverages and talk through coverages

➣ Agility and footwork for moving quickly in and out of the pocket along with making off-balance throws and being comfortable throwing in different positions

➣ Discuss parts of our game that we can improve upon moving forward

➣ Video will be captured during the session and used for the development


Pay Per Session

GROUP Training Memberships

➣ 5-10 quarterbacks in each session

➣ Competitive environment & individualized instruction

➣ Drill-work that emphasizes game-like situations

➣ Footwork for moving quickly in and out of the pocket

➣ Making off-balance throws and being comfortable with throwing in different positions

➣ Throwing with defenders in your face

➣ Routes on-air and throwing to spots

➣ Timing on drop backs and routes

1 Session

Pay Per Session

Monthly Membership







Elite Quarterback Training Located in Florida and South Carolina