What we do

QB1 Athletics is the leading quarterback training and development company in the southeast. It was founded by former South Carolina quarterback Perry Orth and his brother, former South Alabama quarterback, Evan Orth. QB1 Athletics has developed hundreds of quarterbacks at the middle school, high school, collegiate and professional levels over the past 5 years. Dozens of our quarterbacks have earned full scholarships to extend their football careers at the collegiate level, resulting in millions of dollars saved in college tuition. These numbers are only achieved through the grind and many hours deposited in the rigorous training and film study sessions that we put them through to help them achieve the greatest amount of success. On top of the high caliber fundamentals and mechanics we teach, we offer our quarterbacks a deeper dive on what it is like to be a starting D1 quarterback. Handling distractions, pressure, and the busy schedule are things that we talk to our quarterbacks about to help them overcome every obstacle and perform at a high level every day.

Our mission is to train athletes through superior football training and build leaders with first class integrity on and off the field. We prepare the quarterbacks through in-depth teaching on how to play the position from the mentally, throwing mechanics, and footwork to generate elusiveness. Being a quarterback is not just a position on a team, but a lifestyle. Our goal for our athletes is to develop an elite mindset, maximize athletic talent, and enhance leadership aptitude.

We believe in the holistic QB



One of the most important attributes of playing quarterback is being able to think quickly and correctly under pressure. This could be as complex as making checks at the line and reading defenses post snap with having to make an accurate throw when a defender is in your face, or as simple as identifying coverages based on formation in film study weeks before the game. Another part of the mental aspect is handling the distractions and pressure that come with being a quarterback at any level.


Training focuses on all the accurate mechanics that elite professional and college quarterbacks utilize such as playing with a great foundation, throw with efficiency, and have fluidity in the way we move our feet and upper body. The movements and drills that we use are all based on game like experiences that will help the quarterbacks progress faster at game speed. We have seen that throwing on/off platform, on the run, and with defenders in your face have expedited the growth for our quarterbacks.


With playing the quarterback position, you will automatically be identified as a leader. The way you carry yourself, how you treat people, and the decisions you make are all part of being a leader. We instill principals in our quarterbacks that develop good character traits, upright thinking, and exemplary integrity. The spiritual side of our lives is very important and believe that having a relationship with God will help our quarterbacks improve in every area of their lives for building men that stand for righteousness.

Elite Quarterback Training Located in Florida and South Carolina