Jacksonville, Florida

Head Coach Evan Orth

VP & Founder of QB1 Athletics Florida

Former Starting Quarterback at the University of South Alabama

Training Opportunities

QB Group Training

QB 1 on 1 Private Training

Youth Skills Program


Group Training

  • 5-10 quarterbacks in each session

  • Competitive environment that has individualized instruction that is geared towards the group

  • Drill-work that emphasizes game like situations

  • Agility and footwork for moving quickly in and out of the pocket

  • Making off balance throws and being comfortable with throwing in different positions​​

  • Escaping pressure and throwing with defender in your face

  • Routes on air and throwing to spots

  • Timing on drop backs and routes


1 on 1

Private Training

•Individual attention to detail on mechanics
•Personalized drill-work that pertains to game like scenarios from experiences
•Evaluate strengths and weaknesses in their QB play and work on specific techniques to improve quicker
•Agility and footwork for moving quickly in and out of the pocket along with making off balance throws and being comfortable throwing in different positions
•Simulate timing of throwing routes against specific coverages and talk through coverages
•Discuss parts of our game that we can improve upon moving forward
•Video will be captured during the session and used for development


Youth Football Program


  • Plyometrics

  • Proper stretching


  • Agility (position specific)

  • Ladder – cones - mini hurdles

  • Competitions


  • Positions: QB, WR, RB, LB, DB

  • Teach correct football techniques for different positions

Game like scenarios

  • Defend the run & pass

  • Run precise routes

  • Throw the ball with correct form

  • Running the football properly


6 on 6 games

  • Athletes can use what they have been taught

  • Most Importantly, HAVE FUN!